Pinguy OS 11.04 "Ping-Eee" (Ubuntu для нетбука с MAC-темой) [i686] (1xDVD)

Antoni Norman объявил о выходе специального релиза Pinguy OS ориентированного для использования на нетбуках. Это основанный на Ubuntu дистрибутив с нестандартным интерфейсом пользователя, напоминающем оформление от Apple. Расширены энергосберегающие функции, также добавлены дополнительные драйверы Wi-Fi устройств.

Год: 2011
Название: Pinguy OS
Версия: 11.04 "Ping-Eee"
Последняя Версия программы: 11.04 "Ping-Eee"
Архитектура: i686
Тип дисков: DVD
Размер: 1.47 Гб

Сохранена большая часть приложений стандартного Pinguy OS: Docky, Nautilus Elementary, Firefox, Thunderbird, Skype, LibreOffice, Dropbox, Deluge, Empathy, VLC, backup инструменты, Linux Mint Update Manager, WINE и многое другое.

Сумма md5:
bb923f451b6422d9cffec88d4e8e567c Ping-Eee_OS_11.04.1_i686.iso

What Is Pinguy OS?

Ubuntu is a great OS and undoubtedly the most popular and easiest Linux based Distro to use but even with its default setup and chosen programs it's still lacking functionality and ease of use for most new users. So what I decided to do was build a Distro that looks good, could do everything most user would ever want to do and that was very simple to use.

I started out by listening to what my friends and family wanted to use their PC for and found the most user friendly programs for the task they wanted to do. After a while I got a good idea what most people use their PC for and what programs were the easiest to use. Like using Shotwell for easily uploading images to Facebook, gtkpod for putting music, photos and video on a ipod/iphone and Arista for converting the video to a iPod friendly format.

So all the programs in Pinguy OS have been chosen because of their ease of use and functionality, I also changed every file type to open with the right program, like for some reason by default .iso are opened with Archive Manager so I changed that to Brasero Disc Burner.

As I already said apart from it being easy to use I also wanted it to be a very good looking operating system. There are now a lot of programs out there for Linux to give the OS a very smart and polished implementation, like CoverGloobus, Gloobus Preview, GNOME Do, and Docky. These programs don't just give the OS a good look and feel but they are also very useful and handy.

Pinguy OS is an optimise build of Ubuntu 11.04 Minimal CD with added repositories, tweaks and enhancements that can run as a Live DVD or be installed. It has all the added packages needed for video, music and web content e.g. flash and java, plus a few fixes as well. Like fixing the wireless problems, gwibber’s Facebook problem and flash videos in full-screen.

Everything is set-up for samba, all you need to do is right click a folder you want to share and add a password in samba using system-config-samba.
It also has a UPnP/DLNA server (pms-linux) so you can share your music, video’s etc. With a PS3, XBOX 360, Smart Phones or any other UPnP/DLNA media reader.

Nautilus has been replaced for Elementary-Nautilus with added plug-ins so it can get music and video art from the web. The default theme is Elementary using ttf-droid font with Docky and a custom Conky.

I have also added DVB support to Totem for anyone with a TV card that wants to watch tv on their PC but doesn't want to install a dedicated program like myth-tv.


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