VA - Power Metal Ballads 10 (2011).MP3

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Power Metal Ballads 10
Год выхода: 2011
Жанр: Ballads,Power Metal
Кол-во треков: 107
Формат: MP3
Качество: 192kbps
Продолжительность: 08:40:00min
Размер: 695 MB

003-Arthemis-Angels In Black
004-Astral Doors-evil is forever
005-Broderick Gray-forseeing
006-Chronology-Hidden Memories
008-Freedom Call-hymn to the brave
009-Ghost Machinery-Dreamworld
011-Lunatica-fable of dreams
012-Mistheria-A Beautiful Dream
013-Salamandra-Calm Down the Fury
014-Scanners-story of sound
015-Sebastien-black rose part1
016-Soul Of Steel-destiny
018-Vanden Plas-the final murder
019-Xandria-save my life
020-Astral Doors-bastard son
021-Azrael-El Umbral
022-Cains Dinasty-remember the tragedy
023-Chroming Rose-I Know Your Name
024-Cinderella-dont know what youve got till i
025-Cruachan-Bloody Sunday (Unplugged)
026-Custard-Deliver Me
029-Freedom Call-tears of tarragon
030-Ghost Machinery-Fortune Teller
031-Gwyllion-Beyond Goodbye
032-Xandria-the end of every story
033-Hibria-i feel no bliss
034-Hypersonic-A Beautifull Dream
036-Lunatica-how did it come to this
037-Mooncry-hopeless play
038-Pagan's Mind-Farewell
039-Salamandra-Everlasting Fame
040-Sequester-confined to silence
041-Soul Of Steel-running in the fire
042-Steel Panther-dont stop believing
043-Stratovarius-Fairness Justified
045-Vanden Plas-sound of blood
046-Xandria-the wind and the ocean
047-Arthemis-Golden Dawn
048-Astral Doors-lionheart
049-Broderick Gray-the tree of life
050-Chronology-Neverending Dreams
051-Cry Wolf-long hard road
052-Def Leppard-Love Bites
053-Demonlord-Kill Your Memory
054-Freedom Call-graceland
055-Ghost Machinery-Guilty
056-Iron Maiden-Coming Home
057-Lunatica-farewell my love
058-Phoenix Rizing-souls on a voyage
059-Salamandra-Heart Full Of Snow
060-Scanners-to survive
061-Sebastien-fields of chlum
062-Soul Of Steel-wild cherry trees
064-Vanden Plas-scar of an angel
065-Xandria-sisters of the light
066-Arthemis-Ocean's Call
067-Astral Doors-tears from a titan
068-Azrael-La Noche Cae
069-Chroming Rose-Wherever
070-Cinderella-nobodys fool
071-Cruachan-The Morrigan's Call
072-Custard-Kind Of Peace
073-Dignity-dont pay the ferryman
075-Freedom Call-another day
076-Gwyllion-Forever Me
078-Lunatica-heart of a lion
079-Marc Wood-the howling
080-Pagan's Mind-Search For Life
081-Salamandra-Homage to the Great
082-Sequester-this dark passenger
083-Steel Panther-fat girl thar she blows
084-Stratovarius-Lifetime In A Moment
085-Turisas-The Bosphorus Freezes Over
086-Vanden Plas-quicksilver
087-Vexillum-Ranger Runs Again
088-Visions of Atlantis-reflection
089-Xandria-in love with the darkness
090-Arthemis-Touch The Sky
091-Astral Doors-mercenary man
092-Broderick Gray-the forest
093-Chronology-The Coldest Day
094-Dragonheart-Sir Lockdunam
095-Freedom Call-kingdom come
096-Ghost Machinery-Lost In Time
098-Lunatica-winds of heaven
099-Marty Friedman-Arrival
101-Salamandra-The Last Of All
102-Scanners-when i look in your eyes
103-Sebastien-black rose part2
104-Stratovarius-Move The Mountain
105-Vanden Plas-on my way to Jerusalem
106-Xandria-like a rose on the grave of love
107-Visions of Atlantis-sonar

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Автор: ando7777

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