VA - Power Metal Ballads 9 (2010).MP3

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Power Metal Ballads 9
Год выхода: 2010
Жанр: Power Metal,Ballads
Кол-во треков: 106
Формат: MP3
Качество: 192kbps
Продолжительность: 08:05:00min
Размер: 700 MB

001-A-Dystera-the tome intro
002-Alhana-Az Ordog Csokja
003-Allen & Lande-Copernicus
004-Angra-Abandoned fate
005-Archontes-goodbye new world
006-Crystal Viper-Her Crimson Tears
007-Dark Moor-a music in my soul
008-Gallows End-The End
009-Halestorm-better sorry than safe
010-Halford-oh holy night
011-Hammers Of Misfortune-Church Of Broken Glass
012-Ironfire-Angel of Light
013-Masterplan-Lonely Winds of War
014-Morifade-ancient prophecy
015-Scorpions-kami o shin jiru
017-Storyteller-always be there
018-Vision Divine-9 Degrees West Of The Moon
019-Wizard-Serpents Venom
020-Altaria-Never Wonder Why
021-Axxis-hold you
022-Crystal Viper-Secret Of The Black Water
023-Delirion-nightmare howls
026-Ghee-Yeh-epic of madness
027-Halestorm-familiar taste of poison
030-Lordi-Amen's Lament To Ra
031-Manowar-Battle Hymn
033-Ross the Boss-Among The Ruins
034-Sonata Arctica-Draw Me (Instrumental)
035-Storyteller-chant of the thieves
037-Tierramystica-winds of hope
038-Virgeen Steele-The Torture's Of The Damned
039-Vision Divine-Here In 6048
040-Wisdom-Unholy Ghost
042-Allen & Lande-Eternity
043-Angra-Bleeding Heart
044-Blind Guardian-War Of The Thrones
045-Crystal Viper-Gladiator, By The Blade
046-Dream Evil-The Ballad
047-Halestorm-im not an angel
048-Halford-Twenty-Five Years
049-Hammers Of Misfortune-Famine's Lamp
050-Like of Tears-like a leaf
051-Masterplan-The Dark Road
052-Morifade-possession of power
053-Scorpions-ave maria no morro
054-Silent Rage-silent rage
055-Soulspell-forest of incantus
056-Storyteller-kingdom above
057-Vision Divine-Ascension (Instrumental)
058-Altaria-The Lake
059-Archontes-mother Russia
060-Arthemis-Road To Nowhere
061-Axxis-tears of the trees
062-Crystal Viper-Sydonia Bork
062-Dreamtale-No Angels No More
063-Harmony-silently we fade
065-Ironfire-Lost N' Alone
066-Lordi-Call Off The Wedding 9ft. Bruce Kulick)
067-Manowar-Padre (Father - Italian Version)
068-Oratory-heroes from the past
069-Powerworld-Time Will Change
070-Ross The Boss-Empire's Anthem
071-Seven Kingdoms-A Murder Never Dead
072-Soulspell-into the arc of time
073-Storyteller-like a wind
075-Tierramystica-away from the dream
076-Vision Divine-Identities
077-Blind Guardian-Wheel Of Time (Orchestral Version)
078-Crystal Viper-Goddess Of Death
079-Firewind-Wild Rose
080-Helloween-The Smile Of The Sun
081-Jaded Heart-One Life One Death
082-Storyteller-loss of a friend
083-Trivium-A View of Burning Empires
084-Virgeen Steele-Nepenthe
085-Vision Divine-Fool's Garden (Instrumental)
086-Wisdom-Words Of Wisdom
088-Allen & Lande-Maya
090-Archontes-whisper of time
092-Crystal Viper-The Banshee
093-Halford-winter song
094-Hammers Of Misfortune-Fields Trilogy Fields
095-Icewind-again came the storm
097-Magic Kingdom-Sleeping Beauty
098-Masterplan-Under The Moon
099-Morifade-to live forever
100-Oratory-story of all times
101-Ron Keel-The Time Of My Life
102-Scorpions-you are the champion
103-Soulspell-the verve
104-Storyteller-power within
105-Vision Divine-Rising Sun
106-Dystera-the tower outro

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Автор: ando7777

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